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Hywax products in food and agricultural applications are understood as processing aids and formulation additives in many different processes. They are used as inert carriers e.g. for colours, active ingredients and scents. They also enhance hydrophobic properties or act as sealing or release agents depending on the nature of the application. Hywax products can also provide better consistency, enhance film forming capabilities or act as a temporary processing aid. Following just a few of the wide variety of these applications are shown.

Rodent Bait Carrier

Paraffin waxes are used for the formulation of rodent baits and function as a processing aid for extrusion and / or pressing. They are the carrier for the active ingredients. The Paraffin wax needs to be perfectly odourless and tasteless so that the rodent will uptake the bait without suspicion.

Fishnet Protection

In the seawater fish farming industry, nets need to be protected against bio-fouling like algae and mussels. Fish cages stay at the surface as the farmer needs to feed and monitorthe fish. Mussels and algae however are able to increase the nets' weight for sinking. Bio-fouling also may affect the water exchange which would have direct influence on fish health and quality.

A paraffin wax dispersion like HydroWax 730 is used as tolerant water born carrier for active ingredients. By drowning the nets in a formulation of HydroWax with incorporated active ingredients a waxy, flexible, sticky and water repellent film may be formed on the entire surface of the nets. This effectively protects the nets throughout the whole production cycle of the fish.

Grafting Wax and Extrusion Processing Aid

Microcrystalline waxes may provide consistency in grafting waxes which provide artificial bark in nurseries and orchards. The same wax type may also act as a lubricating aid in animal feed extrusion also providing water repellence and as a dust binder. As such it provides efficiency at relatively low processing temperatures. Microcrystalline wax therefore is used at very limited amount resulting in the required behaviour.

Fertilizer Dustbinding and Anticaking Coatings

In the fertilizer industry waxes and special blends are used as dust binders and conditioning agents. With our special range of dust binding waxes you are able to agglomerate the fines for a dust free handling of the fertilizer. As conditioners the waxes coat the particles and reduce moisture uptake due to deliquescence and therefore prevent eventual caking of the material.

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