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Textile and Leather

Wax Performance in Textiles

Natural fibres contain wax-like substances as a protective Agent against atmospheric and biological influences. The removal of these substances during processing alters the frictional and absorbency characteristics of the fibres, resulting in a loss of softness, pliability and elasticity, making it necessary to reapply a suitable finish. It is also necessary to lubricate synthetic fibres for high speed processing.

Wax emulsions are used by the textile industry in four main areas:

  • Waterproofing of textile substrates
  • Modifying the frictional properties of fibres, yarns and sewing threads to enhance processability
  • Enhancing the performance of finishing compounds such as softeners, silicones and resins
  • Providing superior fabric properties such as improved flex abrasion resistance, tear strength and sewability

A number of different types of white oils, petroleum jellies and waxes are used in the textile industry to improve the fabric tear strength, flex abrasion resistance, sewability, yarn knitability and the feel of the fabric.

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